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Safety-Silv 45-05 (1/16" x 1 TROY OZ) HARRIS SAFETY-SILV 45% SILVER SOLDER


Excellent general-purpose brazing alloy. Often specified in government use. Good ductilitiy and capillary flow. Color is silver to light yellow. Cu - 30%, Zn - 25%, Ag - 45%, 1370F melting point. This is a hard solder you can use for rowel poins, swinger brackets etc and for layering several layers of nickle, copper brass etc this being the highest melting point. I cut 70" pieces (1 Troy Oz) off a large roll so you don't have to pay so much to see if this works for you. Yes, it is expensive but I make very little on this. Best when used with "Harris" Stay - Silv white brazing flux or any good quality high temp flux.